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Rubber Ball Toy For Dogs


Why your dog needs this toy? 

Toys are mainly used to avoid the dog to destroy the environment and reduce the dog's loneliness.

  1. Dogs often take destructive actions to relieve stress, restraint, and loneliness.
  2. To reduce the damage to the sofa, shoes, books, and other things, you can give them some toys.
  3. Non-toxic material
  4. No-abrasive
  5. Safe for your dog
  6. Bite resistant
  7. Daily entertainment

This treat-dispensing ball is made of Non-Toxic soft security plastic product, which is easy on developing teeth and gums. Side slots and a hollow center allow you to put in Snacks or other small treats. 

Easy to clean, just normal soap and water or just water. Made life much easier as it cleans the teeth! Use tooth shape, which is conducive to massage the gums, removing tartar; mint flavor, to help freshen breath.

Safe and non-toxic! The safety and environmental protection of the natural rubber material will not harm the dog.

Small Dog for S Size

Big Dog for M Size


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