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Magic Lint Remover

Grey S
Grey L
Red S
Red L
Blue S
Blue L
Red S and L
Blue S and L
Grey S and L

A better solution for removing hair and fur from your clothes, furniture and fabrics. Our double-sided brush makes it easier for you to remove pet fur, hair and lint. Thanks to this magic brush you will no longer need refills, tape rollers or messes.

Quick, easy & effective:
Make it easier for you to keep your furniture and clothes fur-free and lint-free.The soft and easy grip handle of pet fur and lint-remover makes the pet lint remover a comfortable and effortless experience.

Reusable & Double Sided:
A Double-sided, extra-large lint brush is twice as fast to remove fur and lint as a one-sided lint brush. It can be used again and again. Economical and environmentally friendly.

No Refills Required:
No tape and no mess all you need is to empty the pet fur from the bottom.

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