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Aquarium Landscape Decoration

Small Leaf
Big Leaf
Big Cow Grass
Small Cow Grass

Each Pack Can Plant 30X30cm Tank
Attention:  Because Small Cow hair seeds and Big Cow hair seeds are different (they look like empty and weak, so they are easy to float above the water surface), please plant the Small Cow hair seeds and Big Cow hair seeds without water or out of water for better germination rate.

No water planting (Recommended method)

1. Put such matrix as aquatic-plant mud or carbon ceramic ball, etc., into your fish tank.

2. Casting seed on the surface of the matrix. Pay attention to not let the seed fall below the matrix and try to keep the deed surface wet. 2-7 days is enough to sprout.

3. Water flooding when seeds sprout. Pay attention to not scour the matrix.

4. The temperature should not be too low, 20C-30C is favored.

5. Normally 5-7 days sprout, 15 days landscape finished.

Planting in the water tank

Need to keep the temperature 28°C~30°C during planting.
1. Before breeding seeds, please turn off all water pump filter pump, and keep the fish away from the seeds, so that the seeds can grow safely with soil in the bottom.
2. When germinate to breed seeds, please keep moisture and keep 28°C~30°C for seeds. It needs about 5-7days to germinate.
3. When the temperature is low, please turn on the aquarium heater to keep the right temperature.
4. After growing is finished, please keep 20°C~25°C for plants.
5. Open the filtration equipment, after planting. 


1.  Please supply lighting for seeds to germinate for about 8 hours per day.

2. Don’t scatter too closely while casting seeds, leave out appropriate gap for free breathing.

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